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When you select one of the folders on your hard-drive, this tool will list all the image/photo files in that folder along with information about each file:

  • the aspect ratio (example 4:3);
  • the print size(s), if the image fits one of the standard sizes (examples 4×6, 8×10);
  • resolution (example 300 ppi); and
  • a recommendation as to whether the image has enough resolution to be printed/developed at that size.

When you have downloaded this .jar file, just double-click it to use it: JpgPrintSize.jar

Will work for Jpeg (.JPG) files, but not TIFF, PNG, GIF, or camera RAW, ARW, DNG files. I might add support for those some day. I might also add check-boxes for recursive search and file renaming based on print size.

You are free to use this software, upon these conditions:

  • You may not distribute this program — send people to this website instead, so they can find the latest version;
  • You may not modify this software in any way; and
  • You may not sell the information generated by the software.
Revision history
Version Description
0.1 (current) compiled w/Java v6; tested on Mac OSX 10.5 & Linux Ubuntu 10.04 & Microsoft Windows 7

Online Photo Crop Calculator

If you need to trim or expand an image to fit a certain aspect ratio (4×6, 5×7, etc), try my online photo crop calculator.

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